Tundra Build

2015 Toyota Tundra Trd Pro CrewMax

By: Isaiah Deutsch

My family and I love adventure, whether it is from a quick day trip of wheeling, a weekend camping trip, to making our journey to Alaska. What better rig to do it all in than a Tundra?

This rig is reliable, has more US made parts than every other “American” truck, and can gets me to even the most difficult to reach destinations.



I went with a stage 5 Icon Vehicle Dynamics complete suspension. It gave me the desired ride height I was looking for, and the add-a-leaf got rid of the horrible rear sag I had before. Also, I believe that Icon performs best for on and off-road driving, and although this is an off-road build, a good amount of driving is on the road. Couldn’t be happier with the results. (should have gotten CDC adjusters though)

Icon Suspension.jpg

Wheels and Tires:


Front Bumper:


Rooftop Tent:

  • James Baroud Evo, this tent has been more than amazing, especially if you are on the go, and don’t want to spend too much time setting up and taking down when you want to pick up and go to your next destination. This tent takes one person about 45 second to set up and 2 minutes to take down (obviously even easier with two people). It also has plenty of room for the three of us, no problem at all. It’s a hard shell and can almost completely unzip with mesh to protect from bugs and allow you to have fresh air and see everything around you, as well as completely zip up depending on the elements.



I went with a SnugTop camper shell from American Camper Shells for protecting my gear against the elements, and I built a platform for some additional sleeping space if we bring friends along, and for when little Noah John, isn’t so little anymore. It can easily be removed as well.


Rock Slides:

  • White Knuckle Off-road, these things are some beefy heavy duty slides that can take on just about anything. The install is a little intense but well worth it.FullSizeRender.jpg-3.jpeg

Skid Plates:

  • RCI Skids, I went with the 1/4 aluminum so I didn’t have to worry about rust when they get banged up. I added them pretty recently so can’t give my thoughts yet.

Dual Battery/Solar/Power inverter:

For our long journey to Alaska it was important to have plenty of power on board to charge various electronics while the vehicle is off, as well as be able to jump myself if need be. For the future it was also be able to run a fridge 24/7.

  • Renogy 100w solar panel


  • Odyssey battery/ Potek 1500w power inverter


  • CTEK D50S Dual Battery Charger  and a dual battery isolator
  • 1489976411065


Tundra ABS Guards


For the future:

  • ARB Rear Diff Lockers
  • On board fridge
  • Bed Rack
  • Rear bumper with tire carrier (Pelfry hurry up!!)
  • Decked Bed Storage System
  • And the list goes on





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