Day Two- 7/3/17

*Yosemite National Park to Lake Tahoe*

Today we headed from Forks Campground to Yosemite National park. We drove the most beautiful drive into the park! A narrow road with walls of trees all along the way. 

Once we entered Yosemite we headed to Glacier Point. This was an amazing lookout for a quick drive through. 

From Glacier Point we headed back towards Yosemity Valley passing Bridelveil Falls. Unfortunately it was crazy busy there so we were not able to stop and do the short .5 mile hike but we were still able to see the waterfall from the road! 

This concluded our quick drive through of the park and from there we headed towards Lake Tahoe. 

From Yosemite we drove through El Dorado National Forest. This is an absolute amazing drive and we would definitely recommend it on you’re way to Lake Tahoe! 

Finally we made it to South Lake Tahoe. 

We spent the night at Fallen Leaf Campground. Noah and isaiah were able to relax with a cold one! 

Next stop Lassen Volcanic National Park and then finally cross over to Oregon! 

Day One- 7/2/17

*First destination: Sequioa National park- we ended up not driving through Kings Canyon National Park- Ended a little outside of Yosemite National Park*

Today was a pretty mellow day. We started in Calabasas and went to Sequioa National Park. rather than going into the hectic main part of the park we decided to go off on a the main road and head up Mineral Kings Road (about 3 miles from the main park entrance). 

From here we drove through an extremely narrow road- half (not very maintained) road, half (pretty maintained) dirt with many switch backs. The dirt was honestly smoother than the pavement! Isaiah actually got pulled over for going 20mph! If that tells you how crazy this road was! 

We were able to cross a beautiful bridge, and see a good amount of the massive sequioa trees! It was so nice that we were able to see all that without the chaos of all the tourists within the main part of the national part. When we hit the top of the road there were many waterfalls and we decided to stop and have lunch there. 

Of course nothing goes perfectly. We encountered our very first truck issue! The tailgate to the truck was completely stuck. So we had to hop around the back of the truck trying to grab what we needed. Luckily, on the way to our next destination we were able to stop and get one tool that we were missing to fix the issue! It ended up being very fixable, thanks to isaiah. 

We definitely would go back one day when noah is older to see what the main part of the national park is filled with! To us that was the perfect amount to see, that way we could move along to our next destination. 

Next up we headed towards our campground, which is a little out side of Yosemite National Park. We are right on Bass Lake and it is beautiful! Our campground is tucked away so it’s like we have the forest to ourself. 

Noah is literally the happiest little boy when we are camping! The first five minutes we were here he was already sitting in the dirt kicking his legs everywhere. Seeing the pure joy of Noah out here is the most amazing feeling as a parent. The simplest things bring him so much joy! 


So make sure if you ever come here to have multiple forms of mosquito repellent. Just having big spray doesn’t cut it!


  • Easy mosquito repellent tip: bring dryer sheets and rub them on yourself and your clothing, you can even put them in your pockets. 
  • Park rangers ARE able to give you speeding tickets! But if you’re nice they’ll let you go with a warning 😉
  • Make sure you have multiple ways of navigation in case you lose service 
  • DO NOT try to keep your kids clean. Let them have fun! When do they ever get a chance to roll around in mud all day? And when it’s time for bed just give them a quick monkey bath and they’re good to go! 

And we are (finally) off…

7:50 am we finally set off on our adventure to Alaska! 

Yesterday we spent the day getting a few more last minute essentials for our trek. 

Isaiah also got the truck nice and loaded up/ organized for us.

We absolute cannot wait for the three of us to take on this journey! Waking up this morning actually felt like Christmas. This is going to be such and amazing experience in so many ways! 

Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon Nation Park, and Yosemite National Park here we come! 

Our Journey to Alaska

“Traveling in the company of those we love is HOME in motion”

Hello everyone, my name is Erika! My boyfriend, Isaiah, and our 14 month old son, Noah, are embarking on a trip of a lifetime.  July 2nd we are heading from Southern California to Alaska. We want to share our experience as well as some tips about traveling with a little one! Many people think they have to stop their adventures after having children, but we are here to show you that it is more than possible.  It may not be as easy, but there is nothing more amazing then sharing these experiences with your children! So follow our journey and we hope you enjoy!

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