Day Twenty-three- 8/6/17

Hey everyone! We are back!
Tomorrow is the day that we are finally leaving Alaska.

After a week in Minnesota and a few days in Kenai we are finally starting or journey back down to Arizona.

We spent our last weekend in Alaska at our friends cabin on the Kenai River and we are so sad to be leaving this beautiful place.

Noah got to meet a new friend/ his "first girlfriend" and they had a blast together!

The fishing was AMAZING this weekend! At one point six different people had fish on at one time. It was awesome.

This was a great way to end our time here in Alaska. It's crazy to think that we were only planning on spending 3-5 days here and we ended up basically staying for a month! It's safe to say we totally fell in love with Alaska.

A HUGE thank you to the Mills family for opening their home to us and showing us the Alaskan way!

Now we are on to Denali National Park…

Day Twenty-two- 7/23/17

This morning we went out fishing for our last day in Kenai. Isaiah caught one and I had no luck at all.

On our way back to Anchorage we ended up getting horrible news that there was a sudden death in the family (on the Deutsch side). 

So as of now our trip/ blog is put on hold and we will resum sometime next week. 

Please send your thoughts and prayers to our family during this hard time… 

Day Twenty-one- 7/22/17

Today was an awesome fishing day! We all headed out early and the fish just kept coming. 

Noah and Isaiah had a great day fishing. Noah literally wanted to be a fish!

It was so cool seeing everyone lined up in the river along the cabin. 

At the end of the day there was around 40 fish caught! So we got to make a lot of smoked salmon that night! 

Tomorrow is our last day in Kenai/ Anchorage then we should be off, making our way back to AZ. 

Day Twenty- 7/21/17

After a week of mostly cloudy and rainy, we finally had our first sunny day out on the Kenai River. The water looked absolutely beautiful. 

Isaiah took Noah out fishing and once again Noah got a great nap in.

Nothing like a man and his son fishing on the Kenai. 

Once Noah woke up from his nap, we played outside for a while. We jumped in the trampoline and hung out by the river.

Once Isaiah came in from fishing, him and Noah sat by the river and skipped some rocks. Noah loves the river and being outside. We love watching him play. 

Today was another successful day in Kenai. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Day Nineteen- 7/20/17

Today we could not wait to get out and fish! It was on and off raining but that didn’t stop us. 

After a nice morning of Noah sleeping in, we decided it was time for him to get out there with Isaiah and fish. 

As you can see, Noah could not be more excited to get it there with his daddy! We had a blast fishing together.

Noah loved fishing so much that he got a good nap in.

And yes, Noah it OUT in those two pictures! The river put him right to sleep I guess… but Noah was the good luck charm of the day!

It was another great day of relaxing by the river and fishing. It was even better that we got to take Noah out and fish with him! 

Day Eighteen- 7/19/17

Today we got situated before heading out to the cabin!

We grabbed lunch at Mooses Tooth and oh my, this is definitely the best pizza place we have ever been to! 

From here we heading to Kenai.

Right away we went out fishing. 


As you can see we may have been a little too excited about this moment. But come on, how many people can say they caught salmon in the Kenai River?! 

Isaiah even got o learn how to filet tonight. He was actually really good at it! 

It was a successful night and we can’t wait to go back it tomorrow! 

Day Seventeen- 7/18/16

Today we got some stuff situated at the cabin then headed out back to Anchorage.

On our way to Anchorage we ended up stopping in another fisherman town called Seward. It has the same feel as Homer but it is bigger. 

Here we stopped at the Seward Sealife Center. It was amazing! There were seals and sea lions and so many fish. There was also a portion where we could touch starfish and other cool different sealife animals.

Noah had a blast running around everywhere and seeing the fish swim around. It is so fun to bring him to places like this now because he loves watching the animals move around. 


There is also a beautiful look out spot outside of the aquarium. It almost feels like you are in a different country. The water is so blue from the glaciers and the mountain frame the area beautifully. 

Once we got back to Anchorage we got cleaned up, laid Noah down for bed and Isaiah and I went out to a late dinner with Olivia and her boyfriend, Chris. 

So the Salmon count is supposed to be coming up from the middle of this week into this weekend. After talking it over at dinner we decided that we aren’t going to start heading back to Arizona Wedsnday. Since we are here in Alaska all ready we figure why head back if we don’t need to yet? And come on, we NEED to catch some salmon! 

Tomorrow evening we will be heading back to Kenai. Wish us luck with the fishing!