About Us

A little background on our family:

I grew up loving the outdoors! I come from a very close family who did everything from hiking to biking to camping and traveling. My parents raised us to take advantage of the opportunities we may have to travel and be together as a family. I wanted nothing more than to do these things with my own family someday and I was blessed to find someone with the drive for adventure in the same way I have always dreamt of.

Isaiah and I met our freshman year of high school. (Yes, we were only 14!) We dated on and off throughout high school and college then we were blessed with our beautiful baby boy, Noah John.

Isaiah also loves adventure and the outdoors! He bought a Tundra TRD Pro and from there he built it into an expidition truck where we are able to go off- roading and camping! We are young parents who enjoy adventure and love bringing our son along for the ride! Because we are young, we did not want our life to completely change just because we had a baby! Instead of stopping the off-roading and camping, we were able to make some small adjustments and found that traveling with a baby is not as difficult as it may seem! We hear of parents who stress about taking their children on trips and adventures but Isaiah and I want to put our adventures out there and show parents it’s even more fun to bring your children along.


In the end, we want to experience these adventures as a family and have Noah be able to  look back and see the amazing places he has gone. We want him to grow from these experiences and enjoy every part of life!

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