Day Twenty-six: 8/9/17

Today was a great day!

First we got our oil changed then made our way to Watson Lake. Watson lake was awesome. We were able to sit, relax, and have lunch out by the water.

Noah ran around and had a blast with some of the other kids that were there.

After Watson Lake we decided to stop by the visitors center to look for a patch. Instead we found the Sign Post Forest! In the beginning of the trip I had read about this forest and I was so bummed that we weren't going to pass by it. BUT WE MADE IT THERE!

The story behind the Sign Post Forest was that when the workers were working here for a long time they got homesick so the nailed a sign from their hometown on a post pointing in the direction of "home" for them.

There are almost 85,000 Sign posted throughout the Sign Post Forest! And we were lucky enough to have found a license plate in Isaiah's truck! SO WE GOT TO HANG OUR OWN SIGN!

After we put our sign up we headed back on the road.

On our way we saw a sign for some hot springs! On the way to the hot springs we ran into a herd of buffalo crossing the road and grazing. It was awesome!

After running into the buffalo we thought we'd check out the hot springs and wow it was amazing!

Noah had an absolute blast and we got to relax!

After leaving the hot springs we made our way by Muncho Lake. This lake was beautiful!

We drove along this lake for a while, it was like driving up the coast.

After that we drove to Toad Campground. This campgrounds history is pretty funny: this was a place where they towed all the equipment from the highway to so they wanted to name it "Towed" but they didn't know how to spell it so it ended up being "Toad"! There are actual cabins still that were used by the workers of the Alcan.

Tomorrow we are hoping to finally make it to Jasper!

Author: Erika Zanotti

My beautiful family of three are set to embark on a journey from Southern California to Alaska! Follow our adventure and get tips on traveling with a baby along the way. I hope you enjoy!

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