Day Twenty-four- 8/7/17

Today we started our trip up towards Fairbanks.
On our way we headed up towards Denali National Park! But on our way we made a pit stop in Talkeetna, Alaska.

Here is the home of Denali Brewing Co. on our way into town we stopped at the actual brew house.

Then we drove a couple more miles to the restaurant in Telkeetna.

After lunch we walked around the town and had a little fun with Noah!

After Telkeetna we made our way to Denali National Park!

Honestly, we couldn't even see it when we got there! We could see the mountain better from Anchorage than here. But hey, we got a pic in front of the sign!

From here we made our way to North Pole, Alaska and camped here so Noah can see Santa's House tomorrow morning!

Author: Erika Zanotti

My beautiful family of three are set to embark on a journey from Southern California to Alaska! Follow our adventure and get tips on traveling with a baby along the way. I hope you enjoy!

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